The same Peloton fitness for less money

My fitness is a priority and I spend money on things I value the most. However, when Peloton announced that they would be raising the price of the All-Access Membership to $45 per month in the US, I decided it was time to reevaluate the value.

Peloton for less

It turns out that I can get the same workouts on the digital app ($12.99/month). I tested with the Just Ride feature on the bike and ran my workout through the app on a Fire TV Stick. I only missed out on the leaderboard. I also tested the app on a phone, and the leaderboard is available there.

I canceled my All-Access Membership, activated a Digital Membership, and will put the $370 I will save to work. All of this happened with no impact on my fitness routine.

Peloton savings for Veterans, First Responders, Students, and more

You can save even more on the App Membership if you are a member of of any of these categories:

Military/Medical/First Responder/Educator $9.99 per month

University/College Students $6.99 per month