Here’s Why You Should Attend a Money Event

Talking about hiking, kids, and even beer can help your financial mindset.

Complete with t-shirts straight out of an 80’s hair band rock concert, the Stacking Benjamins Stacked Book Tour was not a typical financial meetup.

Most people won’t attend a money event, and podcaster and author Joe Saul-Sehy wants to make money talk fun. People are ashamed of their financial decisions and circumstances, and we need more good money discussions like the one I attended earlier this week.

Longmont, Colorado, was stop #38 on the world domination tour. How fitting that this event was at Mr. Money Mustache HQ. I recently wrote about my first Mustachian event experience, and the book tour event was even better.

Attend a Money Event (Benefits and what to look out for)

The social aspect is key.

I don’t go to many events with people.

This was true before 2020 and is worse now.

Research tells us that connections are essential to joy in life. When it comes to money, you need to find people on a similar path to you.

Most people don’t want to talk about money at all. When you attend a social event with people on the financial independence track, you will find a group of people who are very happy to talk about money.

It’s not that people are only talking about savings rates, portfolios, and financial independence dates, far from that.

The book tour was from 6 pm to 9. The first hour and a half included mingling and discussions about hiking, kids, beer, etc.

A meeting with money people isn’t like hanging out in the actuary office at an insurance company. Although, I did hear that actuaries have the best jokes.

I’ve met down-to-earth people at the money events I’ve attended. We have a commonality in our financial paths, which is a great way to support a journey.

Financial literacy needs more reach.

Most of us, especially people my age (Gen X), grew up in the dark regarding finances. My parents never talked about money, and I don’t believe their parents did either. The subject was hush.

In the last few years, I’ve talked to my dad more about money than ever. He told me that there were times when the checking account had a zero balance as his military payday approached. As a kid, I had no idea this was happening.

We walk into adult life with very little money sense and start making big mistakes.

You can educate yourself through podcasts, books, blogs, etc. However, meeting other people motivated to increase their financial literacy, especially those who have found success, can provide the extra boost you need.

You may be ashamed about your finances — don’t let that stop you.

During his talk at the book event, Joe Saul-Sehy talked about an embarrassing money mistake he made many years ago. He delivered the story with comedic undertones.

Mistakes happen. We all make them.

Maybe you are buried in debt and see no path to financial independence. The worst thing you can do is to ignore the money issues in your life.

When you attend events with people in the financial community, you find others with similar problems. You also find others who found a way to succeed.

Spending time with people like these provides motivation. You need encouragement, support, and accountability to change your financial trajectory.

Be wary of someone selling a quick fix.

No one was selling anything at the Mr. Money Mustache HQ event. That includes the author. Sure he had books and retro 80’s rock swag, but he wasn’t pushing anything.

When you are in dire circumstances, you are more likely to fall victim to the instant fix pushers. These people sell you a course, advice, or the like that will turn your fortunes around in short order.

Here’s the truth. There is no quick fix for money problems.

You have to dig deep and work hard.

Make sure that the event you are attending is not selling miracles. If you fall prey to these people, you will have even more money problems.

Find local financial groups with free or very low-cost events to start.

There are many groups similar to the Mustachian group here in northern Colorado. ChooseFI has local groups all around the world. BiggerPockets and the Mustachians also have regional groups.

You can find groups through social media and even on Meetup.

Taking a step to find like-minded people in your area and building a network will help your financial journey.

Whether you are getting started with money or adjusting to life after reaching financial independence, there is a group for you.

Wrapping up the reason you should attend a money event

Do you want to achieve financial independence?

If so, a community is a great way to support you on the way to your goal.

Finding a group of people with similar financial situations and goals to have social conversations with is great. You will find that you spend more time talking about life than money. All the while, you are building relationships with people who understand the path you are on.

It doesn’t matter if your life is a financial train wreck. If your finances are a complete disaster, you need to find a supportive community. Accountability drives you to make the changes necessary to solve these problems.

If the group you found is trying to sell you a quick fix, walk away and find another. You need good people and support. Anyone selling you a miracle is not looking out for your best interest.

Finding a group is pretty straightforward. Look for a local group on your favorite social media platform, or take a peek at ChooseFI, BiggerPockets, etc.

I’m not social, and meeting people is challenging for me. The Mustachian crew I’ve met with makes it much easier for me. The members are just good people who also understand the financial path I chose.

Do yourself a favor and boost your financial journey by attending a money meetup in your community.